Sacred Heart Church | Market Hall, Raleigh NC

Holli and Mason had a wonderful Fall day in the downtown Raleigh area.  Temperature was a perfect 75 degrees for getting outside and doing all the couples images as well as fun shots with the wedding party.  Our day started at Market Hall with me photographing the wedding party all getting ready at Market Hall.  I love the big windows in the bride’s area that created some stunning images of her dress.  After we all got ready, we got in the cars and bus and drove over to Sacred Heart Church for the ceremony.  I’m Catholic so I knew exactly what knew to be photographed in detail at the Wedding Liturgy.  I love capturing the bride and groom’s faces looking at each other with a big smile will listening to their relatives read the readings they chose.  After the ceremony, we wrapped up the family portraits.  When I met Holli and Mason, one thing I learned is that their first date was at Taverna Agoura which is a block from Sacred Heart.  I knew the wedding day would not be complete without a few images down there.  We then traveled over to Dorthea Dix and photographed the wedding party as well as move couple’s images.  On the way back, Mason really wanted some urban images so we stopped off at the Capital.  We quickly jumped back in the cars and headed back to Market Hall to celebrate the night with friends and family.  

Vendor Team

Venue:  Sacred Heart Church and Market Hall

Planner: Kelli Pfitzner with The Perfect Plan

Photographer:  Michael Williams Photography

Food and Beverage:  Market Hall

Flowers:  Fallon’s Flowers

Cake:  Beauty and the Batter


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