Cody Creek | Weddings

For tonight’s wedding we traveled to Dobson, NC to Cody Creek.  I know that when most couples plan their wedding they are thinking about this beautiful sunny day that will allow for endless photography options.  That day….it rained…. As I pulled up I began to think about my rain plan and what we do for weddings on rainy days.  I knew my job that day would be to pull all my experience together to still excel and give our bride a beautiful set of wedding day images.  When you look through the images closer to the end you will see some creative images that only our rainy day brides get.  I took my portable flash and back lit our clients.  At the same time it illuminates the raindrops in the air and creates this beautiful one of a kind image.  I also did some images of the couple on one of the covered walk ways.  One of the lost arts in photography is the technical use of a “gel”.  In the bridge image, my flash has a color temperature of daylight balanced and the lights on the walk way were tungsten balanced.  Whenever you mesh two color temperatures together one will always be overly brown or blue.  A “gel” placed on the flash changes the color temperature of the daylight balanced flash to then be tungsten based.  This results in the colors in the night time bridge image to all the what you and I see with the naked eye.

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