About Michael??

The Story of Michael Williams

Is he a county boy…a computer programmer…a dad…a doggie lover…UBER driver…an ENTJ…a creative mind in overdrive…the lesser half of being married 21 years…or simply a professional photographer?  As you can imagine, the answer is the “all of the above + more” choice on the test.  All of the things mentioned above help mold and create one unique person that would love to get to know you.

I did grow up on a very large farm (100 acres) just north of New Orleans, LA.  It’s called Plum Nearly from my Grandfather.  Plum out of town and Nearly across the state line.  It’s there that I learned everything I needed to know in life when it comes to problem solving and doing things right the first time.  I can grow tomatoes and make homemade sausages.  I studied Computer Science in college during a time that Computer Science wasn’t all that fashionable.  What I didn’t realize then was how there is a direct relationship between computer programming and being a creative mind.  I share the ENTJ personality type with Julius Caesar, Bill Gates, Aristotle and even Bernie Sanders.   I met my wife in Raleigh though our local young adult group and we have been married 21 years.  Just like our brides, I remember planning our wedding and oh.. gosh…nothing was better to eat than Tums…the week of our wedding.  We witnessed our wedding vows to each other at Immaculate Concetpion Catholic Church in Durham (Coach K’s Church) and our reception was at Prestonwood County Club.  We maxed out Prestonwood County Club with 226 guests so we love big weddings.   I have two children:  one is a Freshman at North Carolina State University, majoring in Architecture…no surprises there and we have Son that has Autism.  Every day is a new day with him so if you have special needs children for the family images at weddings…we are ready.  I have been a professional photographer for 15 years.  There is an old saying in my business that if you can work for family you can work for anyone.  Trust me…that is true…